France Travel Secrets: About Our Site

Hello and welcome.

OK, I admit it. I am obsessed with France, what can I say. 

Whether it’s travel, music, art, literature, history, food and wine…. I love everything French with a passion!

So why did I build this site?

France Travel Secrets evolved from my own personal experience surfing the net. I used to spend hours on the web looking for quality, independent advice related to france travel – and would end up feeling either frustrated, disappointed or overwhelmed.

I found that alot of the france travel information and sightseeing covered the same places and tourist hotspots we’d already been to.

And then I was lucky enough to stumble across SBI, a fantastic marketing and hosting solution which basically gave me all the tools I needed to build my website (and I didn’t even know html!).

This website has enabled me to build a business about a subject that I love, where I can work from home and earn a steady income (I feel very fortunate).

(For more background info on why I built this site, please click here.)

So my ultimate aim with this site, is to provide information and advice on some of the most beautiful and interesting places to visit in France, especially places that don’t get alot of coverage and are a little more off the beaten track, or secret favourites that the locals have shared with us.

Time is precious, especially if you have jobs and a family to raise like we do. I have tried to make this website easy to read and navigate, with all the essential info you need in one place, in the hope that it can save you time for the more important things in life.

Enjoy and Bon Voyage!