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Vacation Ideas and Attractions in France in March

A holiday in France in March can be a great time to visit for a number of reasons.

If you are looking for cheap vacation ideas, you can find some real bargains for flights and accommodation in March (March is officially the ‘off-season’).

And the major attractions in France, which can become incredibly busy in peak summer months, are much less crowded.

Places To Visit in France in March

The weather can be quite chilly (see our temperature chart below) this time of year, with a chance of rain (or even snow) in some places. March is also the end of the peak ski season, so the larger well known ski resorts can still be very busy. Schools in France will also be on holidays at the beginning of March.

So, with these things in mind, here are some ideas on how to make the most of your March vacation.

Cities in France such as Bordeaux, Grenoble, Strasbourg and Paris have many cultural events going on in March. Together with top notch museums and restaurants, basing yourself in a french city will ensure that you can have a wonderful holiday, rain or shine.

And because March is off season, some of the smaller towns close down their attractions or reduce their opening hours, so staying in one of the big cities will offer you more choice for sightseeing and will be more reliable in this respect.

And if you do happen to have fantastic weather while you are there (which is entirely possible), the beautiful countryside is only a short drive away!

Events and Attractions in France in March

There are lots of attractions in france this time of year – fun, lively, and very entertaining! Many of them are free, and great for family holidays.

Here is a just a sampling (please check exact dates with the organisers to avoid disappointment!):

  • In Paris, there is a Warhol (March 18-July 13) and Renoir (Sept 23-Jan 4, 2010) exhibition at the Grand Palais, and a Kandinsky exhibition at the Pompidou Centre from April 8-August 10;.
  • The Grenoble Jazz Festival runs from 10-28 March, bringing talented musicians from around the world (see the festival website here);
  • Strasbourg’s annual carnival takes place in March, with parades and music. See the Strasbourg tourism website for more information;
  • There’s a Flamenco Festival in Toulouse (here is the Toulouse info website);
  • a flea market in Bordeaux (one of the largest in France) which is held four times a year (and this one is in March), on the Place Saint-Michel, near the quayside and Saint-Michel church;
  • another fun flea market in Brest, in Brittany, held on the second saturday of every month, at Les Halles Saint-Louis (centre of Brest). The market is free…(except for what you buy, of course!)

Don’t forget, too, that the patisseries and chocolate shops start to put up amazing Easter displays. Window shopping in March can be alot of fun, and free (as long as you don’t buy anything!)

What the Weather’s Like in France in March

Here are approximate high and low temperatures for major cities in France. You might also like to read our France Weather page for more information about the weather in different regions of France, and tips on what clothing to pack.

Weather in France this time of year will be cool, regardless of where you are (even the Riviera can be chilly). Paris has even had snow in March in the past!

How much it rains will of course depend on where you go, but to give you a general idea, days of rain per month can range from between 7 to 17.

Weather France: Average Temperatures in C° and F°

CityAverage Low C°/F°Average High C°/F°

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