Basic French Words, Useful Phrases In French


Learning a few basic french words will go a long way if you’re planning a holiday in France.

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While it’s fairly easy to get around in most cities without speaking french, once you hit the smaller towns and out of the way places, knowing a few useful phrases in french becomes more important.

We’ve put together a list of french vocabulary and basic french phrases that you will hear often and may need (or like) to try yourself.

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If you’d like to listen as you read, click on the blue arrow button below to hear how the words sound.

À tout à l’heure / À plus tardSee you later
À bientôtSee you soon
Au revoirGoodbye
Bien sûrOf course
Bien merci et vous?Fine thanks and you?
BonjourGood morning/hello
BonsoirGood evening
Combien?How much?
Comment?How? What?
Comment allez-vous?How are you?
Comment vous appellez-vous?What is your name?
De rienThat’s ok/you’re welcome
DésoléI’m sorry
EnchantéPleased to meet you
Est-ce que vous pouvez m’aider?Can you help me?
Excusez-moiExcuse me/sorry
Je m’appelleMy name is
Je voudraisI would like
Je ne comprends pasI don’t understand
Je ne parle pas [bien] françaisI can’t speak french well
Je vous en prieYou’re welcome
Non merciNo thankyou
Oui s’il vous plaîtYes please
PardonPardon me
Parlez-vous anglais?Do you speak English?
SalutHello (informal)
Très bienVery well

More Basic French Words and Phrases…

Here are a few more basic french phrases and common french words to help you get by if you’re having difficulty understanding:

Cela se prononce comment?How is that pronounced?
Comment dit-on cela en français/anglais?How do you say that in French/English?
J’ai oublié le mot pour…I have forgotten the word for…
Parlez lentement s’il vous plaitPlease speak slowly
Pouvez-vous expliquer cela s’il vous plaîtCould you explain that please
Qu’est-ce que cela veut dire?What does that mean?
Voulez-vous m’écrire cela, s’il vous plaîtCould you write that down for me, please
Voulez-vous répéter cela, s’il vous plaîtCan you repeat that please

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