Brittany France: Eastern and Central Region


Mystical Forests and Legends of Brittany France

Eastern and central Brittany is a beautiful, peaceful and fascinating part of France, often overlooked and overshadowed by the fabulous beaches on the north and south coasts.

You won’t find it well covered in travel guides and we are sure that, out of all the places to visit in France, there are still many here that are yet to be ‘discovered’.

If you enjoy rural scenery – rolling countryside and farmland, small hamlets far away from the tourist trail – this part of Brittany may be just the kind of thing you’re looking for!

Brittany Countryside

Here are some highlights….

Merlin King Arthur

The forest of Paimpont (Brocéliande), southwest of Rennes, is beautiful and mysterious. As legend tells it, this is where the Lady of the Lake (Viviane) captured Merlin and where Guinevere is said to have declared her love for Lancelot.

King Arthur is also supposed to have met with his Knights of the Round Table to recover the Holy Grail!

Brocéliande has some wonderful cycling and walking routes – you can pop into the tourist office in Paimpont (next to the church) for maps. They also have guided tours of the forest in the summer.

Medieval Brittany

There are some beautiful medieval towns in central Brittany. Josselin is one the most popular, with its 12th century turreted chateau overlooking the river Oust.

The town itself also has a lovely central square with 16th century half-timbered homes.


East of Rennes is the hilltop town of Fougères. Fougères has a fascinating old quarter where some of the original wooden homes can still be seen.

You can also visit the Chateau de Fougères, a 12th century moated castle, reputedly one of the best preserved in france.

South of Fougères is the fortified town of Vitré, with half-timbered and stone townhouses, and a castle dating from the 11th century.


Please see our map of Brittany to find out the location of these destinations in Brittany.

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