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Guide to Brittany weather

Brittany is much like the rest of France – and Europe in fact – as far as the weather is concerned. Nothing is guaranteed!

So you may find that after reading those weather forecasts, things don’t always turn out as expected…

The good news is, Brittany weather is generally mild and doesn’t go from one extreme to the other. You will rarely see frost and snow, and summer months don’t tend to get as hot as on the riviera.

The climate in Brittany is often compared to the south of England, but in reality it’s probably a little warmer, and with more sunshine. Summers can get quite hot on the south coast – sometimes up to 35 degrees – but as a general rule it tends to hover in the 20s.

Brittany is said to have around 2000 hours of sunshine per year, and in the summer you should see at least 7 hours of sunshine a day.

Brittany has a reputation for being rainy. It does rain we’ll be honest about that! But we’ve found that it doesn’t tend to rain for long periods, and it can suddenly change and be sunny with clear skies in a short period of time.

The wettest part of Brittany is on the west coast, around Brest, while the east is the driest.

The appeal of Brittany is not so much the guaranteed sunshine, but more the coastal scenery, food, attractions, and friendly people.

And, of course, the rain is what makes the countryside so green and beautiful.

Brittany Weather: Facts and Figures

Here are the average monthly temperatures for weather in Brittany, in Celcius °C and (Fahrenheit °F)

5 (41)5 (41)8 (46)10 (50)13 (55)16 (60)19 (66)18 (65)17 (63)13 (55)8 (46)7 (45)

For monthly average rainfall (cm)


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