Charming French Hotels


Want to stay somewhere a bit special or romantic? Find charming french hotels here!

We’ve also put together a small, handpicked selection of places that we, our family and friends have stayed in over the years. Sometimes our visitors let us know about a great find and we love to share it here.

Staying in a hotel in France is sometimes the best option when you’re based in a city such as Paris, and are looking for the amenities, level of service and convenience that a hotel can offer.

The great thing about these charming french hotels is that they all have a unique character and atmosphere; they are often independently run rather than owned by a big chain.

They can be in historical buildings, for example, or run by a family for generations.

Most of the hotels listed here are in smaller towns or rural areas. They are all still within easy reach of the main attractions and cities, though, so you’ll get the best of both worlds. They are mostly 3 or 4 star.

Click on the links below to find some charming french hotels in the following regions:


Some suggestions on where you can stay in Brittany, including hotels, as well as other types of accommodation such as BandBs and holiday homes.


If you’re visiting this beautiful island, here are some ideas on where you could stay.


Lovely hotels to explore the countryside, towns and beaches

Paris Boutique Hotels

A special selection of smaller, boutique type hotels in Paris and romantic Paris hotels, in vibrant and interesting neighbourhoods.


There are some seriously gorgeous hotels to choose from! Provence is one of the most popular regions in France so visitors are well catered for.

French Riviera

We’ve found some chic accommodation options that will give you relative peace and quiet but are still near to the famous beaches. We’ve also got some ideas on where to stay in St Tropez.

Dordogne and the Lot Valley

The Southwest region has plenty of cozy hotels, especially the Lot Valley where you’ll find some of the most beautiful villages.


There are some really interesting (and charming) options for your accommodation in the elegant city of Bordeaux and the surrounding wine region.

We hope you find these pages useful. Enjoy!

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