Book Your Cheap Ferry To France


Have you booked your cheap ferry to France yet??

With the rising costs of petrol, airport delays and baggage restrictions, travelling by ferry is a very appealing alternative.

In fact, ferries have seen a real surge in popularity over the last few years. You can travel in real comfort, and eat well, too: from onboard cinemas, wi-fi and kids clubs, ferries can be an enjoyable part of your holiday rather than just a way to ‘get there’.

Not only that, there are no baggage restrictions. Which makes this even more attractive (especially to families!)

How Much Does It Cost?

Interesting question!  Prices can vary widely. You can get deals as low as £30 and as high as £300 for a return ticket to France from the UK. So as a very general guide, budget for around £100 – but as you can see, if you spend some time comparing fares you can find some real bargains.

Cheap Ferry to France: Ferry Companies And Routes

The main ferry companies are P&O; Ferries, SeaFrance, and Brittany Ferries.

Routes to France include:

Dover to Calais/Dunkerque/Boulogne
Poole to Cherbourg
Portsmouth/Poole/Weymouth to St Malo
Dover to Boulogne
Newhaven to Dieppe
Portsmouth to Caen/Le Havre/Cherbourg/St-Malo
Plymouth to Roscoff

The Dover to Calais ferry is one of the most popular routes from the UK, and takes about 90 minutes. Dover is in Kent, southeast England, and is the closest point to continental Europe.

Norfolkline sails from Dover to Dunkerque; we’ve had quotes for around £88 return, sometimes as low as £25 (but you’d have to travel in the middle of the night). The trip takes about 2 hours. If you are planning to visit Germany, Brussels or Switzerland, Dunkerque may be a good option as this will cut down a little on driving time.

You can also take the SpeedFerry from Dover to Boulogne, costing around £100 but again, you can get last minute deals for as low as £30. The trip takes about an hour.

Cheap Ferry To France: Vacation Ideas

Hop on a cheap ferry to France and see where it can take you! Here are a few ideas to tempt your tastebuds….


If you’d like to visit Normandy, the best ports to sail into would be Caen, Le Havre or Cherbourg. Once there you can visit seaside villages, beaches or the beautiful normandy countryside.


You could take an overnight ferry to St-Malo and you’ll be enjoying a glass of breton cider and crepes in no time! Mont St Michel and Dinan are nearby too. Or take the ferry to Roscoff and explore the wild west coast of Brittany.


If you’d like to visit the stunning beaches of Corsica, ferries leave from Toulon and Nice in France, and sail to Ajaccio, Bastia, and Calvi. The trip takes around 5 hours.

Famous Places In France

Or, come and see the all time favourites: famous french monuments like Mont St Michel; or hop in the car and head for the popular tourist attractions in Paris and other famous places.

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