Corsica Map

Here’s a neat, interactive Corsica Map. We’ve put markers against the main cities and sights that we write about on this website.

If you look on the map of Corsica, you’ll see the main cities are Bastia, Calvi, and Corte (in the north); and Ajaccio, Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio (south) – marked in red.

Yellow markings are beaches; and purple are the towns/regions we write about on our corsica holiday ideas page.

Corsica is made up of two departements: Haute Corse (Upper Corsica) in the north and Corse du Sud (South Corsica) in the south. The capital of Corsica is Ajaccio.

You can zoom in or out on the map (click on the plus or minus signs) or select ‘view larger map’ to open it up a little more.

You’ll find that this ‘little’ island is a country all of its own and quite different from France, with enormous diversity. And if you look at the names, they don’t sound french…it’s more like an italian dialect (apparently corsicans and italians can understand each other!)

(If you are planning on a visit to Corsica, we highly recommend taking a good road atlas or map with you).

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