Detailed Map of France

For a detailed map of France, we use the Google tool all the time – quick, easy and interactive, and you can work out approximate driving times, too.

It’s a very handy online road map of France for planning your trip or driving route.

Clicking on the plus or minus signs on the image below will zoom the map in or out; if you click on the view large map link, it will open up a new window where you can search for specific destinations and get driving directions, too.

When you put your cursor over the map, it’ll change into a hand so you can move the image around.

France Regional Map

Need to zoom in closer? For more detail, try google maps of:

You might also like to see our France regional map, which shows all the names of the regions, as well as a list of all the departements within each region.


Michelin is another good source for France maps online.

Michelin creates a map from the location you enter, gives you directions, and even suggests michelin guide restaurants.

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