English To French Words: Travelling Around France


This English to French Words Page provides some handy vocabulary and phrases that you may need to use while travelling around France, whether you’re driving, taking the train or finding your way around the airport.

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Trains, planes and taxis

Booking a train ticket, changing your flight or catching a taxi are all common scenarios. Here are a few basic french phrases to start….

Vocabulary, Basic French Words

Composter votre billetTo punch/stamp your ticket (with a date stamp)
GuichetTicket office
Première classeFirst class
Seconde classStandard (second) class
SNCFFrench Railway
TGV Train à grande vitesseHigh-speed train

English To French Words and Basic French Phrases

Où est la gare la plus proche?Where’s the nearest railway station?
Où est-ce que je peux prendre un taxi?Where can I get a taxi?
Je voudrais réserver/faire une réservationI’d like to make a reservation
Je voudrais réserver une placeI’d like to reserve a seat
Est-ce qu-il y a une place non-fumeurs?Is there a non-smoking seat?
Je voudrais une place dans la section non-fumeursI’d like a seat in the non-smoking section
Combien coûte un billet aller-retour pour Avignon, s’il vous plaît?How much is a one-way/return ticket to Avignon, please?
Un carnet, s’il vous plaîtA pack of 10 métro tickets, please (for paris metro)
Le prochain train pour Paris est à quelle heure?What time is the next train to Paris?
Le train part de quel quai? Il part/arrive à quelle heure?Which platform does the train leave from? When does it leave/arrive?
Il faut changer à LyonYou need to change at Lyon
Pouvez-vous me confirmer l’heure de départ du vol pour New York?Can you confirm departure time for the plane to New York?
À quelle heure part le prochain vol pour Londres?What time does the next plane for London leave?
Est-ce que l’avion partira à l’heure?Is the plane due to leave on time?
Le train est en retard/à l’heureThe train is delayed/on time
Le voyage dure combien de temps?How long does the trip take?
Est-ce que cette place est occupée?Is this seat taken?
Non, c’est libreNo, it’s free
Pardon, je descends iciExcuse me, this is my stop

English To French Words:
Driving and Car Rental

Here are some french words in english that you’ll need to be aware of if you’re organising a hire carand/or driving in France – especially outside of the cities where sometimes little english is spoken.

Basic French Words – Petrol/Gas Stations

Station-servicePetrol Station
Super4 star
Sans plombUnleaded

Common Road Signs

You’ll probably find that the relationship between the english to french words is quite similar – you can often figure out their meaning (such as deviation and diversion, see below). Plus, often the road signs have other signs or symbols which clearly indicate what they are trying to say and you don’t need to know the french word anyway.

Still, knowing a few important words may put your mind at ease.

Cédez le passageYield
Centre villeTown centre
Toutes/Autres DirectionsAll/Other Directions
Limite de vitesseSpeed Limit
RalentissezSlow down
Sens interditNo entry
Sens uniqueOne way
Stationnement interditNo Parking
Zone bleueRestricted parking zone
Zone piétonne/piétonnièrePedestrian zone

Useful French Phrases for Driving

Je voudrais louer une voitureI would like to rent a car
C’est combien par jour?How much is it per day?
Est-ce que l’assurance est comprise?Is insurance included in the price?
J’ai fait une réservation le mois dernierI made a booking last month
Je voudrais modifier une réservation éxistanteI would like to modify/change an existing reservation
Je dois annuler ma réservationI have to cancel my reservation
Ou se trouve votre agence?Where is your office?
Où est la station-service?Where is the petrol station?
Je suis tombé(e) en panneI have broken down
J’ai un pneu crevéI have got a puncture
La batterie est à platThe battery is flat
Le moteur ne veut pas démarrerThe engine won’t start
Où dois-je payer?Where do I pay?
Vous acceptez les cartes de crédit?Do you accept credit cards?
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