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A Spectacular Visit To Eze France…Photos, Videos and Travel Tips

Eze is a charming medieval village, with twisting narrow lanes, archways, stone houses and fountains. Not to mention the views of the coast, which are amazing.

The Eagles Nest (as Eze is sometimes known) is perched high up on a clifftop, only a 30 minute drive from Nice. You’ll see why it’s one of the more popular attractions in france and is well worth a visit if you’re planning a holiday on the french riviera.

Here’s a video of Eze that you can watch – all you need to do is click on the play button (it might take a few seconds to load) and you can see what the town is really like (and check out the spectacular views of the riviera!)

Getting to Eze France

Eze is between Nice and Monaco, near the coast of the french riviera.


Eze France

There are a few options to get here:

  1. take the train from Monte Carlo or Nice (about 15 minutes either way), but you’ll then have a long steep walk uphill from the train stop (Eze-sur-Mer) to reach the village (Eze Village).
  2. alternatively, you could take the bus from the central bus station in Nice which will drop you off directly in the village (no walking, phew).
  3. there’s also a ‘tourist’ bus that runs from the Eze train station to the village – but it tends to operate only in summer.

Unless you’re part of a tour, it might be easiest to get there by car – either your own or by taxi. No vehicles are allowed in the village itself, however there is a parking lot (you’ll see it when you arrive).

A good map will come in very handy, too.

Eze France: When To visit

If you’re here during the summer months, the best time to come would be early morning (ie before 10am). Or, if you’re staying in a hotel in the town, the village is much quieter in the evenings as all the tour buses will have left.

There are a few excellent restaurants here as well where you can dine with million dollar views. You could have lunch at the Les Remparts terrace restaurant, which is part of the hotel Chateau de la Chèvre d’Or.

Here are their details.

Restaurant Les Remparts
Château de la Chèvre d’Or
06360 Eze-Village
E-mail: chevredor@relaischateaux.fr

There are plenty of cafes, too, where you could sit and take in the atmosphere.

What To Do

If you enjoy exploring medieval villages and architecture, you’ll love Eze. It’s a place for wandering and taking lots of photos. You’ll see why it’s called the Eagles Nest when you see the view.

George Sand spent time here, and the philosopher Nietzsche claimed that Eze was the inspiration for his masterpiece Also Sprach Zarathustra.

Many artists make Eze their home (and musicians – including Bono from U2); you’ll find plenty of gift shops, art galleries and boutiques; Fragonard also has a shop if you want to buy some perfume.

Don’t forget to climb up to the Exotic Garden (Jardin d’Eze), where you’ll see the ruins of a 12th century chateau and panoramic views of the sea and mountains; on a clear day you might be able to see Corsica.

Eze France: Out And About

If you enjoy the medieval charm of Eze, the village of St Paul de Vence is nearby; although this is also extremely popular and can get very crowded.

If you’d like to find a few of the more ‘undiscovered’ gems in the area, Mougins, Luceram, and Entrevaux are also lovely.

Venturing west, you’ll find some other (again, popular) provencal villages, such as Gordes, Les Baux and Rousillon, near Arles.

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