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all about famous food in France!

You don’t need to sit in fancy restaurants to eat well and sample famous french food. Even the simplest of dishes are prepared with passion, flair, and that je ne sais quoi (which we can never replicate at home no matter how much we try!)

French cuisine is remarkably varied, taking on a certain style and characteristic from region to region. You’ll notice that french food has developed very much around tradition and locally grown ingredients.


Café creme and croissant

I remember one of my first meals in Paris as a child. We went to a local bistro for dinner; nothing fancy at all. I ordered crudités (raw vegetables tossed in a vinaigrette) and roast chicken (Poulet Rôti). I still think to this day that they were the best I’ve ever tasted!

So, how about we put aside the steak frites that are on so many ‘tourist’ menus, and find out more about all the exciting famous french food that you can try!

Let’s start with the obvious ones: the croissant, France’s most famous pastry. Why do they always taste better there? I’ve never eaten a croissant outside of France that been as delicious! What’s the secret?

Next in line is the baguette, a constant accompaniment to almost every meal. Pain au chocolat, a square pastry, similar in texture to the croissant, is another delicious treat, and is a staple in most french patisseries.

Soupe a l’oignon, French onion soup, made of beef broth and carmelised onions with melted gruyère cheese on top, is a popular dish in both France and overseas.

France is of course famous for its cheeses.

Brie, the “King of Cheeses” (apparently King louis XVI’s last dying wish was to eat this soft creamy cheese) is made in a little town near Paris, and has been around since the 8th century.

Normandy is known for dairy products – cream, butter and cheese. You can visit the town of Camembert and sample the famous french cheese, which has been produced here since the time of William the Conqueror. Apples feature heavily in norman cuisine; Calvados, an apple brandy, is produced here.

Another famous french food is boeuf bourguignon (beef burgundy), a beef stew cooked with red wine, mushrooms, onions and bacon. The dish originates from, you guessed it – Burgundy, a wine region south-east of Paris.

Dijon mustard also comes from Burgundy, as well as Crème de Cassis, a sweet blackcurrent liqueur.

Perigord, in southwest France, produces some of the finest and most famous french food. The Périgord Truffle is a prized (and expensive) delicacy; foie gras (duck and goose liver) is also a feature on the menus around here, used in anything from salads to omelettes. Duck and goose products are a staple of Perigord cuisine. Confit de canard, duck preserved in its own fat, is a local specialty.

Olive oil, garlic, and tomatoes are all common ingredients in Provencal cuisine. You’ll also find aubergines, courgettes/zucchini and squash on many restaurant menus here.

Ratatouille, another famous french food originating in Provence, is made of most of these ingredients, mixed together and roasted to form a type of stew.

Other popular foods from this region include Aïoli, a garlic mayonnaise; tapenade, an olive oil and caper paste; and herbes de provence, made up of dried herbs including lavender, rosemary and thyme.

Bouillabaisse, a fish stew, is usually served with toast and rouille, a spicy sauce; some of the best can be found in Marseille.

Cassoulet, a stew made of duck, white beans and pork, is a speciality of the Languedoc region; Languedoc also produces Roquefort, France’s most famous blue cheese.

And to finish, how about some famous french desserts?

Crème Brûlée, a custard sprinkled with brown sugar is one of the most well known, and chocolate eclairs, a custard and chocolate filled pastry.

Clafoutis, a type of cake/custard made with wild cherries, is a popular and traditional dish, originating from southwest France. Tarte Tatin, fruit tarts, are also common in restaurants and bakeries, especially pear and apple.

mmmmm just reading about all this famous french food is making us hungry!

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