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France Bed Breakfast Accommodation: a unique holiday experience

If you’re on a budget but don’t want to compromise on quality, france bed breakfast accommodation may be perfect for you.

They can be excellent value for money, and offer a fascinating glimpse into french daily life (as well as the opportunity to practice your french, of course!)

Imagine staying in a medieval chateau, with a count and countess as your hosts. Or enjoying homemade bread and pastries (made by madame) for breakfast in an old farm kitchen with a huge stone fireplace, deep in the normandy countryside. These are some of the things we have experienced and will never forget.

If you really want to immerse yourself in french culture and lifestyle, a BandB is the way to go!

France Bed Breakfast: So how does it work?

Traditionally, France Bed Breakfast accommodation meant staying in a room in the family home, and sharing breakfast and dinner with your hosts. You could interact with french families and other paying guests.

This type of place still exists, although bed and breakfasts in france have come a long way since then. Many have become much more upmarket and are run as small businesses. The concept of a french B&B; has evolved over the years; some of the more luxurious places are very similar to small boutique hotels. Some BandBs also have ‘gites’ – self catering accommodation – which is good for larger groups.

You can have as much or as little anonymity as you like. You’ll find in some homes, you are a part of the family; others, you’ll have the same independence and privacy as a hotel and may only see your hosts when checking in or out.

France Bed Breakfast: How Much Do They Cost?

France bed breakfast accommodation can be very good value and a cheaper alternative to hotels, without skimping on comfort. You can stay in some pretty grand places for a lot less than the equivalent in a four star hotel.

Staying in a bed and breakfast in Paris can be cheaper than a hotel and will give you a really unique perspective of the city.

As a guide, BandBs can range in price from around 50 to 150 euros.

The Benefits

There is a such a huge variety of places to choose from; so you will be able to find one that suits your budget, taste, and preferences.

You will feel very much like an honoured guest in a family home; and the atmosphere and surroundings can be truly wonderful.

You will also meet extraordinary and talented people. Your hosts might be farming families or winemakers; professionals from paris escaping the rat race; even actors, artists, or musicians.

And here’s the real benefit…your hosts will know the local region better than any guide book. So if you’re looking for that deserted beach or the best restaurant in town, they will know where to find it.

Do I need to speak French?

Don’t worry if you don’t speak French. Many of your hosts welcome english speaking guests and will be eager to practice their english.

There are also many bandb owners who are not french – British, American, Dutch or German for example – so if you would prefer to stay with an english-speaking (or german, dutch) host, you can.

If you’d like to learn some basic vocabulary, we’ve put together some common phrases that will be useful when travelling around France.

Where To Look

When you are looking for france bed breakfast accommodation on the net, always check to see if they have a website with photos, especially of the bedrooms and, if possible, the eating area. This way you can get a feel for what the place will be like and if the ‘style’ is something you’re comfortable with.

Gites de France is one of the leading holiday networks for bed breakfast and self-catering accommodation (gites), and is the ‘official’ place to look. Their sister site, Gites de France Charme specialises in bed breakfast accommodation.

Owners must meet certain standards to be a part of the Gites network. Be wary of websites that allow owners to advertise without any kind of quality control in place.

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