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Having a good, detailed and up to date France map is essential – especially if you are planning to drive, or go on hiking or cycling trips.

The Michelin Tourist and Motoring France Atlas is by far the most comprehensive and detailed road map of France we’ve seen on the market.

We’ve found the map to be very thorough and accurate – particularly important if you are heading out into the rural areas. Petrol stations and rest areas are marked too – very handy.

Here is a link to our recommended map below:

You might also like to have a look at our selection of maps and guides in our Amazon store for more ideas.

For cycling and walking, the maps published by IGN (France’s national survey agency) are the best ones to get; Michelin is also very good – try the Yellow 1:200,000 Series France map). IGN’s Grande Randonnée #903 shows all of the long distance footpaths in France and can help plan which region you’d like to target. #906 shows all the paths for mountain biking and cycling.

For larger scale maps, the best ones for walking are IGN 1:25,000 Série Bleue and Top 25 (individual sheets). For cycling, try 1:25,000 Top 25 and Série Bleue; or Top 100/Série Vert scale 1:100,000.

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