French Wine Vineyards: Postcards From the Languedoc


Discover the Languedoc French Wine Vineyards

The Languedoc Rousillon in France is the world’s largest wine producing region and is an exciting place to visit for wine tasting.

There are in fact around 15 main wine regions and many different grape varieties. Some of the red grapes are Granache Noir, Syrah and Cabernet Franc and Merlot; the whites include Chardonnay, Granache blanc and Picpoul.

One of the most scenic places to visit is the Minervois, a charming area in the Languedoc dotted with romanesque churches and ancient villages.

Beziers is the wine capital of the region and there are plenty of places in and around the city where you can sample wines, too.

So let’s get to the most important part: where to go wine tasting?

Here are a few recommended wineries to get you started:

Domaine de Martinolles
04 68 69 41 93

Chateau Coupe Roses
La Caunette
04 68 91 21 65

Domaine de Rouge Gorge
04 67 36 22 86

(Always call beforehand to check that they will be open – some are closed on weekends).

The best thing to do though, is either pop into the local tourist office, or ask your hotel or gite owner; they will have the best ‘insider’ knowledge on where to go.

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