Fun Vacation Ideas in France: Our Top Five


Places To Visit In France In September, Fun Vacation Ideas and More!

September is one of our favourite months to visit France, along with May. The weather is starting to cool down now (but wouldn’t be described as cold yet) – (see more info below), and you’ll start to see signs of beautiful autumn colours on the trees.

September is shoulder season, so prices for flights and accommodation will have come down a little from the peak months of July and August.

Fun Vacation Ideas In September – Our Favourite Destinations

Here are five fun vacation ideas and places to visit in France in September.

1. Paris In Autumn.

Paris can be a romantic place to visit in September. And even if it rains, there are plenty of museums, cosy cafes and shopping to keep you busy.

What’s more, Paris has a special Autumn Festival starting in September and continuing until December, featuring a mix of dance, music and cinema. (

2. Island Living

Ile de Ré is a quaint and unspoilt island off the west coast of France near La Rochelle. A favourite getaway for wealthy Parisians, the island does get very busy in July and August but quietens down in September.

The island has stunning beaches, wonderful food and outdoor markets for picnic fare, chic boutiques and art galleries for shopping fans.

3. The Riviera…In Autumn

Ever thought of visiting the French Riviera in Autumn? It may not be the ideal time of year for sunbathing, but you’ll still find plenty of fun vacation ideas here! And the best part? It’s not nearly as crowded as August (if you’ve been there in August you’ll appreciate this!).

You could visit the lively town of Antibes or beautiful “perched” villages in the area, such as Eze. The countryside inland from the beaches is superb for hiking; and if the weather turns cloudy, you have Nice and Marseilles for more indoor activities.

4.Beautiful Autumn Colours

If you love the shades of colour that autumn brings, one of the best places to see this is in Alsace, in eastern France. You could base yourself in Strasbourg or Colmar, and you have the surrounding wine region on your doorstep.

September is harvest time in France, and you may be lucky enough to join in a harvest festival! (Tip: Always check with wine producers in advance if they are open – as some wineries may close during harvest time.)


Provence is another favourite for fun vacation ideas in September. The weather in the south of France in September is generally better than in the north, and you have a wonderful combination of interesting and lively towns and beautiful countryside.

ArlesAvignon and Aix en Provence are just a few places you could start.

Weather In France In September

Here are some average low/high temperatures for weather in France in September, for some of the major cities. There is approximately 5 days of rain per month – although of course this will vary across the country. Overall, the weather is very good.

PS See our tips on what clothing to pack here!

CityAverage Low C°/F°Average High C°/F°

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