How To Call France

Easy instructions on how to call France

All you need to know about making phone calls to France – how the different telephone numbers work and what codes to dial.

We’ve also put together some information on how to call home once you’re in France, and where to get the cheapest call rates.


The Basics on How To Call France

Numbers in France have 10 digits. You’ll find numbers listed like this:

(01) 55 66 77 88

The numbers in brackets are the ‘region’ (like the area code in the US) – Paris is 01 for example; 04 is Provence.

If you’re dialling from within France, you can ring the number as is ie:

01 55 66 77 88

If you’re calling from outside France, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Dial your international code (eg 0011)
  2. Dial the country code for France, which is 33
  3. Then dial the last 9 digits from the France number

So, if we wanted to know how to call France from Australia, we’d do this:

0011 33 1 55 66 77 88

If we were calling from the US:

011 33 1 55 66 77 88

To call from the UK, dial the following:

00 33 1 55 66 77 88

Calling Home

If you’re in France and would like to call home:

Dial 00 (the France international access code), then the country code. So, for example, if you were dialling Atlanta USA, you’d ring:

00 1 678 123 1234

If you were dialling the UK (eg London):

00 44 20 1234 1234

Calling Cheaply

So, what’s the cheapest (and easiest) way to make phone calls while you’re in France?

Phone Booths are still used in France and can be a cheaper option than dialling from your hotel phone. Most booths need phone cards (télécartes) which you can buy from local newsagents (tabacs).

Phone Card France: International Prepaid Calling Cards can also be a cheaper alternative. ATandT is one of the best around, and you can make local and international calls from the one card. Not all phone booths accept these cards though, so you may still need to make the call from your hotel room (and there may be a charge for this).

Skype: We’ve found Skype to be the cheapest way to make phone calls. You can make calls from your laptop or from an internet cafe.

Mobile Phone/Cell Phones: Calling from a mobile phone can also be a cost effective and very convenient alternative. You might like to look at Call In Europe, a US based company that offers a low cost mobile/cellphone solution, whether you’re travelling to France regularly for business or for a once-off holiday.

France Phone Numbers: Emergencies

The general emergency number 112.

The Ambulance (SAMU) is 15;

Fire-brigade is 18;

Police is 17.

These calls will be free of charge if you dial from a land-line.

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