Map of Brittany France


Here is an online map of Brittany, together with a summary of each region. The coloured markers are for places to visit, simply click on the marker for more information.

These maps are a guide only. It’s still important to refer to a traditional map of france if you are planning to explore the region by car, bike or on foot.

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How To Use These Maps

There are coloured markers on each map of Brittany. These relate to the places we write about in our Brittany section of this website.

If you click on the marker, it will display the town or city name, and you can get directions if you’re planning on travelling to or from that destination. If you move your mouse over the map, you’ll see a hand which allows you to move the map around.

See our Brittany France pages for more information about the different regions and ideas for your next holiday.

You can also view a map of the regions of france plus some advice on what maps of France you’ll need while you’re travelling.

Regions of Brittany

Brittany is in northwest France (Rennes is the capital). It has 4 départements, main cities are in (brackets):

    1. Finistère – the west coast (Brest, Quimper) – blue markers
    1. Côtes-d’Armor – the north coast. (Dinan) – pink markers
    1. Ille-et-Vilaine – covers part of the north coast and inland (Rennes, St Malo, Dinard) – green markers
  1. Morbihan – the south coast (Vannes) – yellow markers

(NB: Nantes is historically part of Brittany but is now in the Loire-Atlantique département.)

North Coast

Here is a map of the north coast of Brittany.

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West Coast

Here is a map of the west coast of Brittany.

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Brittany Map: South Coast

Here is a map of the south coast of Brittany.

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Inland region of Brittany
(including Rennes)

Here is a map of the inland region of Brittany, including Rennes, the capital.

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