Map of Paris France

Map of Paris France, Paris Street Map

A good detailed map of Paris is essential, whether you’re here to see just the main tourist attractions or want to delve deeper and venture into the lesser known streets and neighbourhoods.

You can find an online Paris street map easily enough, and this can help with your advance planning, understanding the layout of the city, and finding out where the popular sights and museums are.

We would also highly recommend buying a good paper map that you can use while you’re in Paris, as well as a metro map.

Here are some suggestions for some of the best maps on the market, both paper copy and online.

Map of Paris France, Tourist Map Paris

We bought the Streetwise Paris France map a few years ago, and have continued to use it on all of our trips to Paris.

Why do we recommend them? They are cheap, detailed, and laminated, so they are durable, less prone to tearing and won’t be ruined if it gets wet from rain.

Michelin Paris Pocket Atlas (by Arrondissements) Map No. 16 is another highly recommended map for Paris (can be purchased online – click on map image below for more info).

It’s a great tourist map of Paris, small enough to fit into a backpack/day bag, and has superb detail, including metro map.

It’s also spiral bound which we find is much better than trying to navigate a paper foldout map in the middle of a paris metro station!. This map is the one that many of the Paris residents use.

The Paris (DK Eyewitness Pocket Map and Guide is also recommended – compact and lightweight so easy to carry around, and it has good maps of the city and metro map. Find out more about it here:

Map of Paris France, Paris Street Map

Schmap Guides are a fun way to view a street map of Paris and especially if you want to check out a Paris map online.

You’ll find all sorts of goodies – not just interactive, dynamic maps of the city but ideas for things to see, places to eat and hotels. It’s very cool and worth checking out. You just need to download it to your computer (it’s free, and doesn’t take up too much space).

If you’d prefer not to download, we’ve included a copy of the schmap Paris guide below.

Simply click on the ‘travel guide’ link, which will open up a new window. Have a look and see what you think!

If you hover your mouse over the arrow icon to the right of the ‘travel guide’ link, it will display options such as hotels, restaurants etc for you to view.

Map of Paris France – yogoguide

Here is another online map resource I would like to recommend: yogoguide.

With yogoguide’s highly interactive map based travel guide and trip planner you can discover hundreds of top sights, shops, restaurants, activities, and places to stay in Paris. yogoguide’s mobile site grants you access to every feature found on the main site plus on-the-fly directions enabling you to enjoy a new city with just your smartphone in hand, keeping you “in the know and on the go”!

Google Maps

Google’s interactive street map of Paris is another way to see a more detailed map of Paris or if you’re wanting to figure out how to get from one place to another.

Simply click on the plus or minus symbols on the map itself and you can zoom in and out.

We have put markers on the map showing some of the places we write about on our site (museumsgardens etc).

Click the link ‘View Larger Map’ underneath the map icon to make it bigger.

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