Normandy Map

To see a Normandy map online in detail, try Google Maps (see below). If you click on the markers you’ll see names of popular destinations and attractions in the area.

You can also see a more simplified version of a normandy map here.


The first map is a snapshot of the entire region.

How to use these maps: click on the markers to find out the destination name; click the plus or minus signs to zoom in and out; and ‘grab’ the map with the mouse cursor (it’ll turn into a hand) if you want to move the map around. Pink markers are for Lower Normandy; red are the D-Day beaches; yellow is Upper Normandy; and the green marker is Mont St Michel.

We’ve broken up the map into sections so you can zone in on your areas on interest.

Rouen is the capital of Upper Normandy; Caen is the capital of Lower Normandy.

Lower Normandy covers the départements of Orne, Calvados, and Manche and is the ‘left side’ of Normandy. Upper Normandy is made up of two departements – Seine-Maritime and Eure and is the ‘right side’ of Normandy.

D-Day Beaches

Mont St Michel area

Note: we have put together these maps as a guide only – we highly recommend purchasing a proper road map if you are driving or wanting to explore the countryside.

If you’d like to read more about all the wonderful things to see and do on your holiday, please feel free to browse through our Lower Normandy and Upper Normandy pages.

You can also see more maps of normandy, including a map for Upper Normandy, Lower Normandy, and a D-Day Invasion map.

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