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All you need to know, where to find the best places to stay in paris!

Paris Vacation Rentals and Paris rental apartments are an excellent option if you’re staying for a week or more, travelling in a group, or as a family with kids.

Sleep in, eat when you want and live like a local!

The challenge is to find a place that is both affordable and liveable – which isn’t always easy.

If you do decide that Paris vacation rentals are the way to go, we’d strongly advise that you spend plenty of time looking around: you’ll probably find that prices (and quality) can vary significantly.

Remember to read the fine print too, and check the details, so you know what is or isn’t included in the price.

Contact the owner or agent if you’re unsure and need to confirm anything.

Here are a few things to consider.

  • Location. So important! Our recommendations would be to stay in the Marais, St Germain, the 7th arrondissement (near Eiffel Tower), Ile St Louis or Montmartre – good, central locations near all the sights.
  • Paris apartments tend to be small, especially by American standards! So if you’re looking for something really spacious, you’ll be paying significantly more.
  • Check that the apartment has a lift, especially if you are on a higher floor; if you’re visiting in the summer months confirm that there is air-conditioning.
  • Check out what the floor plan/ layout is – for example, is the toilet in its own room with a door? Is there a shower? An equipped kitchen? What are the beds like (eg if you’re a couple, will the bed be a queen bed or two singles pushed together?)
  • Is the apartment on the ground floor? If so, is it a quiet location or near the hallway?
  • Is the apartment facing the street or to an inner courtyard? And will it be quiet or noisy?
  • What facilities does it have? eg shower or bath, or both? Washing machine? Microwave?
  • Who can you contact in case of any emergencies. Do they speak english?
  • What are the payment and deposit terms.

Paris Apartment Vacation Rentals:
Where to look?

It will of course depend on your budget, the size of your group, and the style you’re looking for. There are plenty of modern and hip looking apartments, we personally prefer to stay in places that have that classic, chic parisian style.

We love run by Canadian Gail Boislcair. Some of the apartments are really charming, located mainly around the Montmartre district.

Another company worth trying for paris vacation rentals is who have apartments to rent.

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