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A Guide To Cheap Shopping In Paris, Paris Discount Shopping

If you’re planning a visit to France in January, we’d suggest heading to Paris. Given the weather this time of year will be cold, possibly rainy and windy too, at least you will have an almost endless choice of things to do in the warm indoors – from museums and monuments, to cafes, restaurants and nightlife.

Accommodation is often discounted in January as well, so this is an ideal time to come if you’re looking for cheaper prices.

Shopping In Paris

But the biggest reason for coming to Paris in January? The Sales! If you’re looking to pick up french designer clothes at bargain prices, this is the time to come.

The Sales (Les Soldes) start in January and run for around five weeks. Sales in France are regulated by the government and the sales take place for a set period throughout the country (there’s another one in July).

And you can’t beat Paris for sheer variety and choice. In fact, the Paris Council and Chamber of Commerce have heavily promoted the event, and the official website, shoppingbyparis.com, suggests different shopping “themes” and itineraries.

Discounts can be anything from 20% to 80% off.

So, where are the best places to find the bargains?

The famous Paris department stores such as Printemps and Galeries Lafayette, are usually on the top of the list; the only drawback is that they can get extremely busy during the sale period.

If you enjoy bargain shopping but would like to try something different, head to the Alésia district, in the 14th arrondissement (rue Alésia). This is where you’ll find many of the discount stores and where the Parisians like to shop (metro: Alesia or Plaisance).

Our Paris shopping page will show you where to find the smaller boutiques and lesser known shopping districts, and you might also like to read about the Paris flea markets for yet more bargains!

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