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Guide To Vacation Rentals France

There are thousands of france rental properties that you can search for online or book through a travel agent.

From quaint french country cottages, to villas or family friendly gites, there is a huge choice out there and it’s hard to know where to start.


Vacation Rentals France: Normandy Gites

The quality of vacation rentals can vary too, from excellent to mediocre (and possibly worse ), so when you are searching for vacation rentals it’s really important to book with a company that is reliable, with a good reputation, and ideally, the france rental properties have been screened or inspected/verified in some way.

We’ve put some tips and guidelines on this page to help you find the perfect place to stay for yourself, friends and family. And most importantly, we’ll show you where to find the highest quality france rental properties.

Vacation Rentals France: The Benefits

Self-catering accommodation is an excellent option if you want to base yourself in one place for at least a week; you won’t need to worry about where you’ll be eating or sleeping each night.

And it doesn’t have to be expensive; in fact, it can be significantly cheaper than staying in a hotel – especially if you’re travelling in larger groups or want to stay for an extended period.

Vacation Rentals is a smart choice if you are travelling with kids, especially smaller children. Self-catering gives you the freedom and space to do your own thing, as well as any special facilities you may need (eg washing machine).

Rental accommodation can be quite social places: sometimes the properties are grouped together with other families, or the owners might host dinners and other fun events.

On the other hand, if you’re planning a romantic escape, and want complete privacy, there are plenty of france rental properties that are perfectly suited to this type of holiday.

Above all, vacation rentals allow for an unhurried, relaxed travel experience.

Vacation Rentals France: What are the options?

One of the most popular terms associated with vacation rental in France is the Gîte. A gîte is traditionally known as a basic type of shelter or rural refuge – but they are much more than this.

These days, you can find gîtes that are quite luxurious, with all sorts of mod cons and activities.

Gites can also include bed and breakfast/guesthouse accommodation, villas, and special child-friendly gîtes.

Gîtes in France are privately run; traditionally the owners are french and live in the local area, although nowadays you’ll find an increasing number of British and Dutch who may be based overseas.

The properties are normally rented on a weekly basis although sometimes short stay or weekends are offered.

Some of the best gîtes are in the countryside (gîte rural), away from the big cities tourist hotspots (although still easy to reach them if you want to visit). Its a great way to really immerse yourself in french culture, practice your french, and experience french daily life in a unique way.

Depending on where you stay, a gîte may be completely independent from other properties or grouped together with other gîtes.

You might also come across the term ‘french cottage holidays’ when searching for France vacation rentals; you’ll find this is often used by non-french owners.

Vacation Rentals France: What To Expect

When you are searching for France vacation rentals, find out as much information as you can before booking anything (either call or email the owner or booking agency). For example:

  1. does the property have photos, not just of the outside but of the rooms themselves?
  2. What kind of facilities does the property have – washing machine, dishwasher, etc;
  3. is/are the bathroom(s) separate or ensuite?
  4. Is the holiday home in a private/separate area or is it grouped with other gites?
  5. are linens and/or towels provided?
  6. how does cleaning work? (eg will there be cleaners or a cleaning fee)
  7. are heating and other utilities included or extra?
  8. what your expected arrival/departure times will be?
  9. if you need help or assistance during your stay who can you contact and when/where?

Vacation Rentals France: Where To Look,
How To Book, How Much

If you search for vacation rentals france you’ll see thousands of websites come up; holiday homes are extremely popular, both with french families and overseas visitors.

Gîtes de France is the leading network for this kind of accommodation and has been around since the 1950s. They assess each gîte against specific criteria, which maintains a high standard.

Eurorelais is also excellent. We find their homes are of a high standard and more traditional and authentic in style.

Vacation rentals are, not surprisingly, very popular so must be booked well in advance, especially if you will be travelling in July or August.

You may need to put down a deposit to secure the booking, and/or pay the full amount in advance. Owners often request that a contract is signed.

Prices can vary and will of course depend on how many people the property can accommodate. As a rough guide, prices may start around 200 euros per week for two, going up to around 2,000 euros per week for larger groups.

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