Current Weather in Paris France


So what is the weather in Paris really like? When is the best month to travel? And more importantly: what to wear in Paris? What clothing to bring?

You’ll find lots of useful info on this page, including a list of average temperatures by month, plus an at-a-glance weather forecast for Paris.

Current Weather in Paris France

Here is the current weather in Paris, right now:

Weather in Paris: Summertime

The hottest months in Paris are in July and August. Temperatures can get to the mid-20 (°C) (60s °F) during the day and around 15 degrees (59°F) or so at night.

Sometimes Paris can have a heat-wave with temperatures going up to the 30s (90s°F). Average monthly rainfall is 60mm per month (around 12 days per month) – which is more than the rest of the year but summer rainshowers are shorter and heavier.

What to wear in Paris: shorts/t-shirts, light trousers and/or jeans; sundresses, sandals, trainers/sneakers; light jumpers; one light rainproof jacket; an umbrella would be a good idea too, for those unexpected showers.

Weather in Paris: Autumn

The weather can be lovely in September – not hot, but warm to cool (low to mid 20s) (60s °F). Things start to really cool down in October. By November temperatures won’t go much past 10°C(50°F).

Monthly rainfall is 50mm but you’ll get more days with rain – much of it light and drizzly – around 15 days per month.

Packing Suggestions: jeans; tops to layer – long and short sleeved; jumpers – light and medium warmth; sneakers/trainers and/or walking boots; light waterproof jacket and/or umbrella.

Weather Paris France: Winter

Winters can get pretty cold in Paris. Temperatures rarely go above 6°C (43°F) and can hover around 0. You’ll likely have a few days of grey and drizzly weather (around 16/17 days of rain per month).

What to wear in Paris: Warm winter coat, gloves, scarf, warm hat; jeans; jumpers; comfortable walking boots; sneakers/trainers; umbrella.

Paris France Weather: Springtime

March is when the weather starts to rise up above 10°C (50°F) and days start to get longer. May is when it really start to feel like summer, with temperatures inching up to 20°C (60°F).

Rainfall is similar to the summer months – there is more rain but it comes and goes fairly quickly, and it can be quite heavy.

What to wear in Paris: light trousers; jeans; mix of long/short sleeved tops; light and medium warmth jumpers/tops for layering; light coat for evenings; sneakers/trainers; umbrella and/or waterproof jacket.

Average Monthly Temperatures – Weather Paris France

MonthMin (C/F)Max (C/F)

Weather Forecast for Paris

If you’d like to see a weather forecast for Paris, simply select the ‘click for full forecast’ link below.

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